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A.N. San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating 8/12/2018
I was referred to Simmitri by a coworker who had both solar and a new roof installed. I had met with another company prior to our meeting with Jonathan... what a difference. His level of professionalism and expertise in the area was amazing. He was not just there to make a sale, he wanted to also help my wife and I to understand why going solar has many benefits beyond the pocketbook. Just to be sure, I met with yet another company and was sold. Not only did we end up with a system that is excellent for our family's needs, producing well beyond the projections, but the price was excellent to boot! Furthermore, turn around time on the project was astounding. Work began on a couple weeks after agreeing to go with Simmitri and the roof was replaced and solar installed in a week.

Overall, if you are looking for solar , I could not recommend Simmitri enough.

Andrea and Bruce

Kym S. - Santa Cruz
5.0 star rating 8/14/2018
Jason and the entire team at Simmitri Affordable Roofing and Solar helped out our non profit in a time of need recently. We needed to get a cottage roof fixed ASAP! Jason, Rachel and Jonathan came together as a team to get it done for us in record speed. They were quick, professional and a joy to deal with from start to finish. So, if you are looking for this kind of customer service give Simmitri Affordable Roofing and Solar a call @ Phone 1-408-779-3333.
Address: 6203 San Ignacia Ave, Suite 110, San Jose, Ca 95119.

Megan B. - Aptos, CA
5.0 star rating 7/25/2018
I loved working with Simmitri. They are professional, answered all my questions, went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. They are affordable and have the golden seal of approval which makes me happy. They have to comply with the golden seal of approval to obtain this and they will come out and check the property to make sure it is up to their standards. I had no doubt they would be in compliance they are great to work with. We re-roofed 2 roofs on our commercial building and it was very affordable. I looked at 4 different companies and they had the best financing, best service and best looking roofs. I would defiantly recommend them!

Carolyn S. - Gilroy, CA
5.0 star rating 2/24/2018
Consummate professionals. I hired them to remove and replace my solar array when I needed a roof repair. They were quick with quote and explained all the details, gave a fair price, and worked very well with my roofer even though I was not using their roofing service (and the roofer ended up being way off his original time estimate). They returned calls in a timely manner, and and kept in touch with me about progress all through the job. I will be returning to them if I have need of solar panel work in the future.

Bill G. - Morgan Hill, CA
5.0 star rating 5/30/2018
On time for the appointment. Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable roof repairer. Made a special trip to San Jose to make sure he got the right roof tile to do the repair before rain was supposed to begin. Fair price and excellent work.

Mary S. - Gilroy, CA
5.0 star rating 4/12/2018
We were complete "know-nothings" when we started investigating solar power. After an exhaustive search we selected Simmitri (Affordable Roofing & Solar) and couldn't possibly be more pleased. The salesman was knowledgable and accessible....but was wise enough to look for answers when he wasn't certain. That, alone, was a selling point! When it came time for the installation (the company replaced one half of our roof before installing the panels) everything went forward on schedule and very promptly. We asked the company to save the tiles they removed from the old roof for our future use in a remodel and they not only agreed but returned later to move the pallets with the tiles to a location on the property that is more convenient for us. All questions asked subsequent to installation have been answered promptly and to our satisfaction. We are delighted to give this company a five star rating!

Stephanie T.
San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating 7/13/2017
I am just in the planning and research stage of my solar project, but I had to review Simmitri because they have been so helpful and not pushy at all. Jason has been very patient and honest and extremely helpful. I have an electric car and when he learned about how high my electric bill was he gave me detailed advice about dealing with PG&E. I called PG&E and explained what was going on and learned that I qualify for a $500 rebate, which I already received! So I'm grateful to Jason and PG&E! We have a lot of shade and Jason has been great about explaining the limitations, but still offering us viable options. I really appreciate how he explains everything clearly. Some companies tell us to forget it altogether and other tell us to cut down the trees. We can't because they aren't our trees, plus, cutting down trees has a negative impact on the environment as well, obviously. Anyway, we'll be meeting with Simmitri soon and they've already won my trust!

Lisa B.
Rose Garden, San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating 4/8/2016
I met with two other companies before deciding to go with Simmitri for solar on our home. Their sales consultant came to our house and answered all of our questions and explained everything thoroughly. He made us completely comfortable with our decision to choose Simmitri. He was on time from the very first meeting, honest, knowledgeable and responsive throughout the entire process. Any question I had was answered almost immediately, and if it wasn't answered right away, someone at least acknowledged that they were looking into it and got back to me. The communication is what made my experience with Simmitri exceptional, not to mention the solar looks great and is producing even better. I would highly recommend them, amazing product and amazing customer service!

Samhain M.
San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating 2/22/2016
This company is good and I'll tell you why. As usual I get 3 bids for just about any work. Simmitri was by far the most responsive and easiest to deal with. They just have their act together and really seem to do their best to make a big job look easy. They seem to anticipate my questions and had the answers right away. They also show up on time when they say they will, which I'm sad to say actually something apparently consumers can't expect much of anymore.

Anyways, yay solar! Took me long enough but better late than never :)

Margaret G.
Half Moon Bay, CA
5.0 star rating 4/20/2016
Simmitri has cleverly differentiated themselves by offering a comprehensive approach towards energy sustainability for homes using state of the art technology. Prior to installing cool roof, SunPower solar, and Juicebox energy storage, they found deadly levels of carbon monoxide in our home while conducting an energy assessment. Simmitri immediately contacted PG&E who confirmed deadly carbon monoxide. PG&E capped the gas line and said the furnace had to be replaced.

At this time, furnace contractors were backed up since we were moving into the El Nino cool weather pattern just before the holiday season. Simmitri partners with an excellent service provider who quickly installed an energy efficient furnace right before Thanksgiving. Our new SunPower solar system has been exceeding expectations, powering the house, AND charging up the JuiceBox batteries during the day so that we can use the stored solar energy at night. This energy storage system is very cool and will also keep our house running if there is a power outage. Interestingly, JuiceBox sends extra energy to the grid during peak demand but keeps enough energy to power my house until the sun rises again. Beyond the cutting edge technology, the sales professionals, roofers, electricians, and engineers were a pleasant group to have working in our home.

Dawn C.
San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating 4/14/2016
We are so happy with our decision to get a new roof and go solar with Simmitri! We had been researching companies for a few months before scheduling a meeting with one of Simmitri's sales consultants. After meeting with him, we knew we didn't need to speak with anyone else. He was both knowledgeable and extremely patient with all of our questions. He explained that their years of experience with roofing is what sets them apart from other solar companies. Would you want a random company poking a bunch of holes in your roof? I wouldn't... so the fact that they are a roofing company was so reassuring. They were all friendly and professional from beginning to end. The sales consultant was there or at least checked in with us at every step of the process. I especially appreciated that they include energy testing of our house as a standard before they start the installation. They told us if we begin with replacing certain lightbulbs and put new weather stripping around the doors that it would lower our energy bill and we wouldn't have to pay for as many solar panels. The honesty and integrity involved was so impressive. There were a few delays in installation due to weather, but they were constantly communicating with us so we always felt like we were in the loop on everything. I would definitely recommend Simmitri.

Byanca F.
San Jose, CA
5.0 star rating 11/16/2016
Interviewed a five companies to help lower my energy cost for my business. Simmitri was the only company that offered a comprehensive Energy Efficiency program. A few others offered changing out my lights to LED's and others just talked about solar. I was very happy that Simmitri conducted a comprehensive energy study on my building. Harry who conducted the energy study was very knowledgeable. They provided me with a detailed energy report with financials for what they recommended. They recommended technology to increase the efficiency on my refrigeration, HVAC, motor loads. They promised to show a 30% return on investment and I am seeing more. I also chose to install a smaller solar system. They brought my roof up to par by coating the roof with a energy efficient white reflective roof coating. The process was easy since the coordinated everything, including bundled financing for everything. I was also able to get some extra incentives because everything was done as one project.

Tina M.
Santa Cruz, CA
5.0 star rating 4/15/2016
We met with Chadwick, an energy consultant from Simmitri yesterday. We were very impressed with his ability to hear what we wanted to accomplish and how to best address our immediate needs as well as future energy needs *we plan on getting an electric car but that won't be available for at least 1.5 years. We were concerned about environmental impact and right timing for us to implement solar. His approach was comprehensive advising us on ways we can decrease our energy footprint by looking at not only solar but sealing the house to loose less of the heating and cooling, evaluation of the duct work to maximize the through put of heating, sealing gaps. ... He was able to advise best options now as well as the energy generation we will need when we get the electric car. We really appreciated his honesty and advise. Would recommend this outfit if you want people who listen and try to right size a solution for you (not just their "bottom line")

E V.
Morgan Hill, CA
5.0 star rating 12/22/2015
I was highly recommended to Simmitri by a friend and our neighbors. I was advised they were previously known as Affordable Roofing and Solar. We preferred a local roofing business to make some repairs to our roof since some of our cement tiles were cracked and loose on top of our two-story home. When I called, Mike was very professional and courteous. He scheduled our estimate and emailed us our repair proposal with pictures. Way to go Simmitri, thank you for going paperless! :)

Even after completing the job, I added on a special request. The last rain, we had a waterfall of water coming out of our gutter. This gutter was hard to reach and Charlie happily agreed to check it out, this reassured me. We also had been hearing critters in the attic and wanted to seal off any entrances they may have found. Charlie did great work on our roof and we have not had any critters since (or gutter waterfalls)!!! He was so kind to return back to our home and clean our gutter. Rachel was also a pleasure to work with, she answered all my payment questions and sent us an email receipt.

If you are looking for professional and kind service, call Simmitri and schedule your appointment asap. We had to wait for our estimate appointment and our repair appointment because of lots of homeowners preparing for the anticipated "El Nino" storm. Work was completed as promised on our repair appointment date and no debris left behind. Well worth the wait. I am highly satisfied with their service and glad that our roof is ready for the rain coming!
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