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Roofing and Solar Services

Affordable Roofing & Solar is fully dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship, the most advanced roofing technology, and the smartest solutions for all types of roofing systems. Whether you need highly effective roofing repairs or a brand new state of the art shingle based or solar roofing system, our experienced consultants will provide you with a comprehensive work-site inspection to determine your particular roofing needs and deliver any necessary roofing services, which are guaranteed to last for as long as you own your home.

We offer time-proven products from the best manufacturers and are your local Master Elite roofing contractor for asphalt shingles.

Roofing Repairs

From fallen trees to damaged shingles, when your roof becomes damaged, you need to act quickly. Our experienced roofers will professionally inspect your entire roofing system and take the time to thoroughly assess the damage. In doing so, we can then properly repair your roof and eliminate any leaking issues.

We will be sure to maintain the original look of your roof and only use products that are compatible with your roof system.


When you decide to replace your roof, the professionals at Affordable Roofing & Solar will evaluate the condition of your current roofing system and provide you with the expert advice that you need.

Our experienced crews will remove the existing roof, inspect the area beneath while replacing any damaged sheathing, barge boards, or fascias. Lastly, we will construct your brand new roofing system.

New Construction

Affordable Roofing & Solar Roofing offers only the highest quality products and most advanced technologies for your new roof system.

Our professional crew of manufacturer trained craftsmen will properly install your new custom roof, providing you with long lasting protection and durability.


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Choose from dozens of roofing styles and color options. Offering a Lifetime Warranty on all shingle projects.

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Simmitri is a solar innovator that believes one size does NOT fit all. BIG BOX SOLAR providers' cookie-cutter approach to energy management failed to recognize the unique differences and needs of each and every individual project.

Our mission is to restore the balance of power by shifting this energy imbalance away from utilities and BIG BOX SOLAR providers to the individual. We provide every customer with clean power, designed and installed the way it should be done: with efficiency, comfort, health, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

A balanced energy approach produces a better-balanced budget, as energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand. Simmitri helps home and commercial property owners attain the best possible return on investment by recommending lower-cost energy improvements before simply installing solar.


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